New Wearable Safety Devices Help In Emergencies

Can wearables help make the construction jobsite a little bit safer? Now, new companies are coming to market with technology designed to protect workers and keep them safe.

One new example comes from Bravo Target Safety, which is a provider of industrial and oilfield emergency response and safety services. It serves clients in energy, chemical, mining, and construction industries with services such as turnarounds and shutdowns and emergency response.

The company recently announced a partnership with Blackline Safety to leverage an emergency response management, cloud-hosted safety portal and business analytic software, which will ultimately means greater safety on the construction jobsite.

Blackline Safety’s G7c is a wearable safety device that connects workers, who are often alone, to live monitoring centers. The technology automatically detects gases, injuries, and other hazards. All safety incidents are communicated to live monitoring personnel who can mobilize responders to the employee’s exact location. Also, two-way voice calling, constant connectivity, and real-time alerting provide situational awareness for workers.

In the first phase, Bravo Target Safety is deploying the devices to protect personnel. Workers will benefit from two-way communication, scheduled check-ins, GPS location technology, and manual SOS latch.

While this is one case, a number of companies are coming to market with wearable technology aimed at improving safety on construction projects.

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