New Partnerships Integrate Site Security & Project Management

Jobsite cameras have been a staple on many construction projects for years, but now they are advancing with new features and capabilities, as well as new integrations with mobile technology.

A growing trend, as of late, is the integration between site security systems and construction productivity software. One new example is the integration of Sensera Systems with PlanGrid, which enables users to view, store, and share jobsite photos with their PlanGrid projects.

With the technology, users will also be able to link photos imported from SiteCloud directly to their project documents. The integration also supports all the latest features of SiteCloud, including SitePOV imaging, which allows users to capture geotagged images around the job site using their smartphone and combine photos taken with handheld devices with their fixed camera images for a view of progress.

Integration such as this allows users to automatically transfer camera imagery in real-time, enabling teams to immediately share information across the entire team. The results are improvements in project-management costs and schedules since issues are able to be identified early.

This announcement comes on the heels of many other similar announcements of partnerships between camera providers and software companies. For instance, TrueLook and Procore recently announced a new partnership, while OxBlue and Procore also starting a new venture together.

In the end, this integration will provide new opportunities for construction companies to capture and manage images better than ever before.

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