New Generation Brings New Technology

As many construction companies are passing the business down to the younger generation of construction workers, new ownership is more often looking to technology at the construction jobsite.

Better efficiency, data, and communication are essential to profitability in heavy construction. This is what prompted Casella Construction to invest in new software to schedule resources, track performance, maintain equipment, and leverage data to make more informed decisions.

John Casella and his cousin Joe Casella bought the family business in 2017 from their parents and brothers, who initially founded the business in 1987. With the new generation came the implementation of new, modern technology.

Welcome to the Paperless Jobsite

B2W Estimate from B2W Software  replaced spreadsheets, while B2W Track has given the construction company better data from the field and made teams in the office processing that data faster. Dashboards give employees high-level snapshots of live data that they can also drill down into when details are needed. B2W Inform allows the team to replace paper forms and processes for safety and other workflows.

Integrating data across all areas of a construction business—from estimating, to scheduling, to field performance tracking, to equipment maintenance—provides significant value for this construction company.

As the younger workforce begins to take over construction companies, the move to more high-tech processes at the jobsite is inevitable. As this happens, companies will get more efficiency and gain better insights into the work they do.

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