New AR Lab Promises Increased Productivity for Construction

Augmented reality (AR) has the potential to change how the construction industry does business—and now a new lab could accelerate research and development.

AR experts from Intellectsoft have created a lab that will help the architecture, engineering, and construction industry transform operations with the use of AR. The lab consolidates more than two years of AR research and development that will help engineering companies achieve digital transformation.

From this lab, the team has created KADO—an actionable technology framework for the construction industry. The lab’s team will also continue to expand the functionality of the framework to add new solutions, as well as to extend its potential to new industries.

For the construction industry, augmented reality provides a number of benefits. Helping to visualize projects better, the technology has the potential to avoid expensive mistakes, while also speeding up construction projects.

Many construction companies are beginning to determine how the technology can be used on projects today—and in the future. New innovation coming out of a lab could be the next step to helping propel the use of augmented reality even further.

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