Mobile Tech Enhances Jobsite Productivity

Construction workers at the jobsite need access to information immediately—including daily reports, personnel status updates, and a whole lot more when it comes to real time data. Now, new technology offers more data for workers on projects.

Daily Reports & Photo Management 

Level 10 Construction is now leveraging construction technology to enhance field reporting workflows, including daily reports and photo management. The company is planning to capture the jobsite data necessary to improve performance and deliver projects in the most productive way possible.

The company is using an app and field-management software from Raken, which heightens productivity by improving workflow processes including time cards, cost codes, and payroll. For Level 10 Construction, the technology helps increase compliance and even helps gather reports from subcontractors.

Prequalify Subs with Apps

As another example of a new app benefiting the construction industry, Kahua recently announced a new partnership with ConsensusDocs to update its Qualify app. This will help subs prequalify using ConsensusDocs 721 and incorporates every question from the Subcontractor’s Statement of Qualifications.

Subcontractors can enter their information once and update it only when information changes or a project has unique requirements. This same information can then be routed to general contractors.

While these are just two instance, mobile technology continues to proliferate the construction jobsite in new ways, helping increase efficiencies on projects.

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