Minimize Hazards & Protect Workers with Radar Technology

Large vehicles such as excavators and dumpers can be difficult to operate safely. Multiple blind spots and elevated driver positions means operators can’t always see hazards or spot pedestrians. Adding to this is difficult working conditions, uneven terrain and inclement weather.

Research shows that 40 percent of fatal accidents that occur on quarry sites are caused by moving vehicles. Additionally, 70 percent of collisions occur at low speed because of poor visibility.

The good news is technology can help. Back-up camera systems can help improve safety. Now, the technology is advancing, specifically for construction, in an effort to meet the complex requirements of the industry.

As one case, Brigade Electronics recently unveiled Backsense Network Radar. This enables construction professionals to link up to eight sensors to cover all blind spots around a machine, which helps with object detection via CAN gateway to display data on control panels on the vehicle.

According to the company, each connected radar sensor is allocated a unique ID and will transmit data for up to eight objects using frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW). Ultimately, this will help minimize false alerts. Additionally, objects can be detected up to 98 feet away at a width of 33 feet within less than half a second.

With safety being a top priority on most construction jobsites, eliminating blind spots with the use of technology can be a good tool for projects.

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