Truck Tracking Device Moves Earth

The IoT (Internet of Things) is set to change how the construction industry does business in the future, enabling access to data that can help improve business operations.

As one example, Identified Technologies announced Truck IQ, which is a sensor package and software solution that measures load and cycle times from each vehicle on a jobsite and combines it with aerial drone data to decrease unit costs and cycle times to move earth faster. Truck IQ can be used with any vehicle involved in the process of earthmoving.

According to the company, there is 10-20% variability in the standard operational costs of large earthmoving projects. Difficulty measuring sites during planning and execution can lead to razor-thin profit margins.

Truck IQ helps contractors classify and quantify work with sensors on each vehicle. This allows them to ensure profitable work week to week, as well as create a library of past work to put in more informed and profitable bids in the future.

The concept for this product came directly from the customer base. Truck IQ is currently in beta with several national excavation companies and will be widely available in Q3.

This is one example of sensor technology at work for the construction jobsite.

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