Sign on the Digital Line

Viewing and sharing digital files is becoming more prevalent in the construction industry. Along with viewing documents, the ability to sign them, using e-signatures, is starting to take off. The opportunity to get approvals instantly is a big draw for using e-signatures at the jobsite.

While there are many examples, now companies are partnering to offer new solutions to construction companies that are looking to improve workflow.

For example, Point of Rental Software is integrated with DocuSign, an electronic signature services. The two companies officially released Rental eSign, an electronic signature service designed specifically for rental processes.

While traditional electronic signature services come with a hefty per-signature fee that adds up in the rental world, Rental eSign requires only a small setup fee and a packaged monthly transaction fee. This feature solves issues in both the equipment and events industries by ensuring a legally binding contract, while avoiding fees with every amended contract.

This is one example of how construction companies can use e-signatures on the jobsite—and it shows how innovation is changing in the construction industry.

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