Shine Light on Your Emergency Exits

As a construction project moves forward and the structure goes up, more and more workers are on the jobsite. Once there are walls and floors and stories, getting out can get tricky. Once electricians, plumbers, and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) contractors join the project, there are a lot of people who are all over the space, creating different routes as they work on the structure. As the workflow and work area changes, contractors need safe and reliable guidance around and out of the structure.

An exit sign that can be placed anywhere and relocated as the workflow changes is a good solution. The new series of FireHorse wet location emergency lights are designed to provide LED (light emitting diode) energy savings and offer a compact design so they can be installed almost anywhere.

Fulham Co., Inc., a lighting components and electronics supplier, has added two new Wet Location LED exit signs to its product line. The UL 924-listed products feature slim enclosures that are resistant to non-hazardous dust environments, corrosive atmospheres, hose-down water spray, or splashing water.

The exit sign features energy-saving LEDs with a maintenance-free NiCd battery that provides 90 minutes of emergency lighting. The sign is double-sided and housed in corrosion and impact-resistant thermoplastic casing.

While this is one example of safety signs for buildings and the jobsite, there are many options available to contractors. These types of emergency signs could be useful on the jobsite, while a lot of construction activity is going on. Having paths and directions lit in any condition can keep the area safer.

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