Sealcoat Innovation, Eases the Job

Key components can help make the construction jobsite a little bit more efficient and productive—and these come in many different shapes and sizes.

Case in point: Neal Manufacturing, a division of Blastcrete Equipment Co., debuted a sealcoating baffle attachment, AutoTrim. The unit attaches to the front of Neal’s DA 350 Dual Applicator machine and can be retrofitted onto any truck-powered sealcoating unit to automatically cut-in sealcoat materials on the go and keep curbs and edges free of material.

When paired with Neal’s blower, contractors can perform sealcoat prep work as much as seven times faster than with traditional methods.

The hydraulic AutoTrim has a spray nozzle, hose, and baffle that bolts to the front of the machine and connects to the applicator’s sealcoat reservoir for a seamless operation. The system minimizes manpower and eliminates manually holding a baffle and spraying material. Operators can clear debris with the blower and cut in with sealcoating materials at 14 feet per second, seven times faster than manually.

Neal’s dual application system has the ability to fill the voids in the surface of the asphalt with the squeegee. While this is one example of sealcoating innovation, there are other options that can improve and ease the workload on the jobsite.

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