Safety and Manholes

For construction professionals who need to access manholes for projects or inspections, technology can help make the job a little bit safer.

For example, a manhole zoom camera can assist with inspections. One such camera is by Fiberscope called Cyclops. It consists of a DVR unit and a telescopic inspection pole with an articulating camera head. The standard length of the pole is 14 feet, with longer lengths available upon request.

The camera head is tilted manually via the articulating neck, which joins the camera head and the pole. Extra bright illumination is provided by white LED lights with reflectors. The DVR features a high performance digital signal processor.

Safety is a huge priority in the construction industry—and technology such as this can capture video and photos, making inspections a little bit easier.

In this case, the manhole camera is equipped with a powerful x40 optical zoom, which allows viewing of objects and areas as distant as 100 feet in complete darkness and up to 200 feet under normal inspection conditions.

While this is one example of a manhole camera on the market, there are several options available for contractors.

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