Loaders Drive Precision

Technology on construction equipment continues to advance, making work at the jobsite more precise, which is needed to improve productivity on the jobsite. One new backhoe loader, for instance, can be driven better on slippery surfaces.

Bonfiglioli, which manufactures gearboxes, gear motors, and drive systems, has designed and developed a solution for a new hybrid technology machine created and manufactured by Huddig, a backhoe loader manufacturer in Sweden.

The development was specifically designed for Tigon Technology backhoe loaders manufactured by Huddig. The Bonfiglioli 610 increases the precision of the machine, making the maneuverability easier in tight spaces, such as, in building sites located at city centers.

Tigon Technology by Huddig is a hybrid technology that combines diesel and electric power, allowing energy generation and regeneration together, and the concept machine achieves significantly lower fuel consumption than a traditional backhoe loader.

This is just one example of a backhoe loader that will be seen on the jobsite soon, helping improve precision and fuel consumption.

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