Growth of Data Centers Boosts Construction

Data centers are essential for many business operations. Data centers are essential for storing a large amount of unstructured data, business operation applications, and processing of data.

As more and more of these centers are needed, construction companies will be tasked with building the high-tech projects.

One new report shows the global Data Center Construction market will reach $73 billion by 2022. Global data centers for the construction market are expected to witness an increase in revenue from 2016-2020. However, after that period the market is anticipated to witness a decline in revenue.

In 2016, electrical construction was the leading revenue contributor. By 2022, revenue from general construction will be more than the electrical and mechanical construction.

Government enterprise partnership will play a key role in these projects, as reducing carbon footprint is identified as one the major drivers of the global data center construction market. Governments all over the world provide support services for both global and local enterprises to establish data center facilities with sufficient power and access to utility requirements.

North America accounted for the largest marketshare in 2016 and led the global data center construction market. It was followed by APAC (Asia Pacific), which is expected to have the majority marketshare in 2022 followed by North America.

The promising growth of data centers will boost the construction industry as well, and provide unique opportunities for contractors across the globe.

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