Going Through the Roof

The commercial roofing market is a crucial part of the construction industry, despite being among the most affected segments during the economic downturn. Overall the market witnessed positive breaks in the last few years. There are challenges in meeting energy conservation guidelines. The implementation of rigorous building codes across the board also threatens the market’s expansion.

In order to meet expectations, manufacturers are focusing on developing high-performance commercial roofing. The forecast for the commercial roofing market is for the period between 2016 and 2024.

The market is forecast to increase considerably because of the expanding construction industry. The rising disposable income of consumers and increasing commercialization are other factors predicted to complement growth of the global commercial roofing market. Even with an overall positive trajectory, fluctuating prices of certain sources of energy used during the manufacturing process could limit the market’s growth scope. For instance, the volatile crude oil prices are key restraints for the market.

The increasing use of roofing products in the construction of green building holds immense opportunities for the market. Advanced commercial roofing products are demanded at an increasing rate because they are thought to have comparatively lower environmental impact, and are therefore chief drivers of the recent changes in the process of designing buildings.

Emerging trends include the development of energy-efficient cool roofs, increasing use of eco-friendly materials in roofing and increasing demand of new generation single-ply technology in the commercial roofing market. These trends will cause many other positive reactions in the construction industry.

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