Gaining Insight into Your Project

Data is essential on construction projects to enable greater efficiency on a job—and more often contractors are harnessing the power of apps to collect and disseminate data on a project.

One new example comes from the Raken App, which has functionality for construction compliance and reporting. Delivered in a SaaS (software-as-a-service) format, Raken Summary Reports quickly and easily automates reports for the construction team and owner on any size project.

The latest launch of the Summary Reports features significant improvements in compiling, configuring, and optimizing weekly/monthly report distribution and visibility. Most notably, new weekly/monthly summary reports contain graphical labor insights and amalgamation of the daily reports with the custom information configuration and audience distribution. The automated reports provide valuable insight on the performance and progress of the on-site workers as well as subcontractors.

This is just one example of software for construction reporting that helps the contractor handle the jobsite. There are many options available for construction management.

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