Episode 60: Connected Jobsite | Concrete Management Systems

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

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Peggy Smedley Segment 1: Jobsite Protection
Host Peggy Smedley talks about how jobsite protection is advancing.
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 Alex Schwarzkopf

Segment 2: Connected Jobsite
Alex Schwarzkopf, CEO, Pillar Technologiesdiscusses how to deploy sensors on your jobsite, make sense of all the data and measure success. 
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 Matt Nazarenko

Segment 3: Concrete Management Systems
Matt Nazarenko, global marketing manager, Verifi, GCP Applied Technologies, talks about how concrete management systems can help eliminate jobsite delays and improve contractor’s bottom line.
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  Segment 4: Jobsite of the Future
Peggy Smedley identifies how to make drones more intelligent.
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