Data Drives Field Service

The key to any aerial rental business’s success is keeping equipment ready to work. A new app will help service technicians keep their equipment up and running.

The Genie Tech Sight application uses the Genie Technical Services and Support team to troubleshoot technical issues in the field using online video guidance for realtime visual assistance. The app enables Genie to engage in live interactions with field-service technicians using video-enabled mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, Android or Apple-powered systems.

When rental store service technicians need assistance while working in the field, they use the video call feature on the app to connect with the Genie Technical Service and Support team. The visual component of this app allows rental stores’ service techs to share what they see for immediate troubleshooting and response. The Genie team can then interpret and explain what is going on based what is happening on the screen.

The Genie Tech Sight app integrates customer service, field service, customer support, and video calls all into one.

While this is one example of new technology being used for service, there are other options on the market to get assistance with repairs.

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