Capturing Topographic Data

A new union has been announced that will enable contractors to use a fully integrated industrial drone platform to capture topographic data. This will offer a workflow to site development and road building for contractors from project planning through grading dirt.

John Deere and Kespry announced the exclusive global strategic alliance through which John Deere Construction and Forestry dealers will provide the Kespry Aerial Intelligence System to their customers on jobsites around the world.

The data gathered from the system will help contractors and equipment operators make decisions that reduce costs and improve productivity, as they optimize the jobsite and spend less time on jobs.

The Kespry Drone 2s flies autonomously, without manual piloting, and uses sensors to avoid obstacles. The Drone 2s includes an on-board LiDAR sensor that automatically detects and avoids obstacles such as trees, cranes, and buildings.

The post-processed data is accessible from anywhere via a Web interface, allowing customers to access realtime 3D renderings, volumetric analysis, and data export features. The drone-collected data can be exported from the cloud to a number of common modeling packages. This is one example of collaborations that will benefit the construction industry in the future.

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