Address Digital Asset Management Needs

Asset management is essential in the construction industry, and technology companies continue to come to market with new innovations that are changing the marketplace.

As one example, MediaValet Inc., a provider of cloud-based DAM (digital asset management) software, launched AutoCAD viewer for viewing, sharing, and publishing 2D and 3D rendered models in a secure, centralized, cloud-based, enterprise-wide asset library. AutoCAD viewer is for those organizations that create and work with 2D and 3D rendered models to embrace the cloud and share their work with a broader audience.

MediaValet enables organizations to fully manage 2D and 3D files entirely in the cloud. AutoCAD and other CAD (computer-aided design) file types are now easily and securely stored, managed, searched, shared, published, and viewed in a global cloud-based environment.

With the AutoCAD viewer, design firms are able to easily share functional 2D and 3D rendered models both internally and externally, as well as publish those files to Websites, Web galleries, project briefs, and design portfolios. The viewer helps construction professionals save time and resources managing design files while enabling them to showcase their work with a much broader audience.

While this is one example of a new product for CAD drawings, there are many options available in the market.

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