Making Fleet Management Work for You

Automated fleet tracking is critical to fleet managers looking for ways to more effectively monitor equipment use and schedule fleet maintenance.

GPS Insight, a provider of GPS (global positioning system) fleet-tracking technology, has reached an integration partnership with Fleetio, a developer of fleet-maintenance software, to help fleet management professionals achieve this goal.

The data integration allows fleet managers who use both systems to receive automated odometer readings and DTC (diagnostic trouble code) alerts from GPS Insight inside the Fleetio software application.

Receiving automated and up‐to‐date odometer readings reduces the time spent going from truck to truck and eliminates relying on drivers to report accurate mileage. It also ensures that preventative maintenance, based on mileage, is completed on time.

Having DTC Alerts automatically sent from the vehicles to Fleetio will allow management to stay on top of check-engine light problems and decide if service is required.


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