Market Growth for Compact & Heavy Construction Equipment

From compact construction equipment to heavy construction equipment, machines continue to evolve. New research is showing that both markets are poised to expand, and thus change the way the construction industry conducts business on the jobsite in the future.

Compact Equipment Advances

The use of compact construction equipment will continue to grow on construction projects, as these machines are highly efficient and easy to handle in the field.

According to Allied Market Research, there is another factor that will propel the adoption of this equipment and that is the technological advancements that are slated to occur. Still, some of the biggest hurdles to implementation of this equipment is the high cost and volatile fuel prices, which could hamper use of new, advanced machines in construction.

Heavy Construction Growth

In comparison, heavy construction equipment will see greater use in the future—especially as there is increased investment in infrastructure.

One area in particular that will continue to evolve is earthmoving machinery, according to Grand View Research. The firm suggests that there will be an increase in government initiatives to expand airport projects, which will lead to increased use of smarter machines on construction projects.

As new equipment comes on to jobsites, construction companies will have the option to leverage new, advanced systems such as telematics, GPS, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other advanced features that will help workers improved productivity.

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