Data Collection Surges with GIS and GPS

New advanced GIS (geographic information system) and GPS (global positioning system) data collection solutions are now available for business processes on the jobsite.

As one example, TerraGo has partnered with CompassTools, a provider of integrated GIS, GPS and wireless solutions for field-data collection across numerous industries including government, utility, natural resources, transportation, architecture and construction.

CompassTools helps customers build a bundled solution to meet GIS and GPS goals, whatever that may be. TerraGo’s mobile solutions give the flexibility needed for the wide spectrum of accuracy, workflow and data collection requirements. TerraGo provides integration with many platforms, while enabling customizable precision, basemaps, forms and workflows.

CompassTools helps organizations identify and implement the best combination of GPS receivers, hardware and software to meet unique requirements. TerraGo Edge and TerraGo Magic were designed from the ground up to support that type of customization.

While this is one example of new tech for GIS and GPS data collection, there are many more options available for the construction jobsite.

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