A Look inside 3D Printers

Most 3D printer users are restricted to printing only certain types of designs because there are limited options available when it comes to support material, or support structures. This is one of the current challenges that exists in the construction industry.

The most basic method of employing support is to use the same material that is used for the object being printed.

This makes some objects impossible to print because the internal geometry of the part requires support while the outer portion of the design makes it extremely difficult to get inside the object.

One new technology offers a way to separate the supports from the object being printed. California-based Airwolf 3D has introduced HydroFill Water-Soluble Support. Designed for use with any brand of compatible FFF 3D printer, the new filament withstands high temperatures, strongly bonds with ABS and PLA plastics and rinses away with water.

Even when exposed to high temperatures, HydroFill maintains its structural integrity.

This is one example of advancements in 3D printing. As more solutions arise, the technology will be a greater resource for the construction industry.

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