CONEXPO-CON/AGG Radio - Episode 3

03.29.16 | Episode 3

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Segment 1 – Most Controversial Construction Projects
Because some construction projects require contractors to work in potentially hazardous or unsafe environments, safety is paramount. Host Peggy Smedley addresses her concerns as well as insights from the recently released “Most Controversial Projects” report from RepRisk.
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John Grady, Epic BIM President Segment 2 – Leveraging Data to Improve Safety
Epic BIM President John Grady addresses why construction firms are so focused on big data when it seems like the industry doesn’t mine the data that already exists. He also addresses how leveraging data from a model can help improve safety at the construction jobsite.
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Segment 3 – BIM & Connected Technologies
Marquette University professor Mark Federle says BIM is more than just a modeling tool. He will address the challenges associated with BIM and connected technologies at the jobsite and what ultimately needs to happen to propel the jobsite forward.
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Segment 4 – Jobsite of the Future
Peggy Smedley continues the conversation and discusses the importance of how a jobsite connects to the back-office, and why this is a big part of the jobsite of the future. She also explains what technologies will be helpful, and how construction firms can lower risk, increase safety, and streamline workflow by implementing new tech.
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