Long-Life Battery-Powered GPS Tracking for Your Equipment

Advanced asset monitoring and telemetry technologies are continuing to move forward, offering new opportunities for logistics, management of inventory, and reducing theft on construction jobsites.

One new example comes from DPL Telematics, which recently launched a GPS tracking solution that requires no external power and can last for up to three and a half years. It combines multiple technologies to maximize the battery life, while operating and remaining active in low-power modes.

Further, the small, portable GPS unit is self-contained, can be hidden on any asset, and can be easily rotated between assets. Another unique feature is the adaptive tracking technology, which increases reporting frequency when movement is detected and automatically reduces it when stationary. This also contributes to a longer battery life.

With technology such as this, managers can remotely monitor any asset from either Internet Web-based software or a mobile app.

While this is only one example, technology is advancing, offering more opportunities for construction professionals to track assets. These solutions are now offering longer battery life, better communication, and greater cellular coverage for construction companies to take advantage of all the benefits emerging technology has to offer.

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