Loading Up on Efficiencies

When seeking the most effective heavy equipment, contractors favor solid mechanical performance coupled with the latest technology offerings.

Doosan went all-out to meet those demands when it released two new wheel loaders—the DL200-5 and DL200TC-5. Both models offer improvements in fuel efficiency, operator comfort, serviceability and reliability.

Both new models feature a hydrostatic drive system for improved power management and faster engine response.

Improved fuel efficiency—a significant goal for construction professionals— is a result of higher performance at lower engine RPMs. Enhanced machine positional control increases productivity, while reduced wear on the brakes is a result of dynamic braking that automatically slows the wheel loader.

In addition, Doosan added an auto-shutdown system to help owners and operators save valuable fuel during non-working conditions. Operators can configure the idle time before auto shutdown, from three to 60 minutes. When enabled, the feature will shut down the wheel loader’s engine when the preset idle time is met.

In addition, the loaders feature cab enhancements including an adjustable steering column to provide more leg room, ease of operation and more floor space.

A new fuel-consumption gauge informs operators of how much fuel the machine is using in realtime. Operators can read the gauge on the standard color LCD (liquid crystal display) screen.

Updates to the keypad on the dashboard make it easier for operators to review, adjust settings, and clean and maintain it. Visibility within the cab and around the machine has been improved, too. Two rear LED (light-emitting diode) lamps provide improved visibility when working at night.

Ease-of-maintenance updates include additional oil sampling ports to improve preventive maintenance procedures. In addition, various fluid pressures are now viewable via the dash panel, allowing monitoring from inside the cab.

The “dash-5” wheel loaders replace the “dash-3” models, transitioning from an interim Tier 4 to Tier 4-compliant diesel engine.

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