The Future Is Safety

Time and time again, everyone involved in commercial and industrial products will hear the phase “Safety First.” To some, it’s just a simple line thrown around because “that’s what you’re supposed to say.” To others, safety drives innovation and product development.

One of the primary functions of an industrial radio remote control is to locate an equipment operator in a safe area while being in complete command of that machinery from a remote position. HBC-radiomatic has and continues to offer products that fulfill this need, while also incorporating state-of-the art features to further enhance safety and control precision.

One such feature set is radiomatic shock-off/roll-detect/zero-g. This safety package monitors the state of the remote-control console or handheld device to ensure the operator is using the remote in a safe manner. In the case of a slip, fall, drop, or other unintended movement, the remote-control console can sense the resulting shock from an impact, change in inclination/angle, or weightlessness. When these conditions are detected the complete radio-remote system can react in one of the follow manners:

  • The complete radio system will shut down.
  • Safety-relevant functions will be deactivated.
  • A previously defined function will be activated (e.g. horn).

Another feature is Shut-down on implausible control commands. This intelligent protection from unintended operation monitors control elements, such as joysticks or levers, to determine implausible commands. For example, in the event that an operating element or sets of operating elements are used in a manner that would result in impractical and unsafe machine operation (e.g. rapidly twirling the joystick), one of the aforementioned reactions can take place.

Additional features such as: Catch-release, merlin MAP (Machine Access Point) and both visual and haptic feedback to the operator, further enhance the safe and accurate control of equipment from a remote position.

By Jamie Sanderson, quality management, support, and training, HBC-radiomatic


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