Tech for Truck-Mounted Cranes

Construction equipment continues to evolve, and as the equipment changes, construction professionals will need to identify how it will impact their business.

For instance, Technavio’s report predicts that the global truck-mounted crane market will grow during the next five years. The increased activities in power distribution is one of the primary drivers for market growth. Truck-mounted cranes are widely used during construction and maintenance activities in power distribution. The increasing investments in power T&D (transmission and distribution) networks with advancement and expansion of the existing networks drives the demand for truck-mounted cranes.

One of the latest trends that will gain traction in the global truck-mounted crane market is the improved adoption of equipment with aerial and crane mode of operation. Vendors are providing the flexibility of both cranes and aerial work platforms, as it assists in lifting the personnel and equipment for repair and maintenance activities.

During 2016, the construction segment dominated the truck-mounted crane market and is expected to continue its dominance during the next four years. Factors such as the growth in housing construction, the development of offices and extra commercial space, and the rise in infrastructure initiatives drive the growth of this market segment.

As the equipment continues to evolve, construction professionals will be able to leverage additional features on this type of equipment at the jobsite.

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