Take a VR Tour of Your Jobsite

VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality), and even now MR (mixed reality) is becoming more common in the construction industry, as it offers a new way to visualize projects.

However, the tech doesn’t have to be leveraged on expensive headset devices. Tech companies are coming out with apps that enable contractors and other stakeholders to virtually walk the jobsite with an app.

As one example, EarthCam launched the newest version of its Control Center 8, which features an improved photography interface and mobile app for 360°VR jobsite tours. The free app provides project owners and contractors with technology to present updates to stakeholders and delivers entertaining content for public outreach efforts.

And this is only one example. As another instance, HoloBuilder also offers an app that enables a visual walkthrough of the jobsite. Today, more tech companies are developing solutions to enable a greater use of VR at the jobsite—and this is one trend to keep an eye on.

Photography apps can make it easier for developers and construction managers to share visual information that’s simple to analyze in a fast, cost-effective way.

Since the new process is quicker and eliminates the need for expensive photography services, contractors may save expenses. Additional savings in time and labor costs are also experienced. This is just one example of software that can help contractors on the jobsite.

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