Smartphones Guide Your Project

Smartphones are not only an admission to information; they are also becoming business enablers for the construction industry. They drive up efficiency and open up new opportunities in the construction ecosystem with a spurt in the growth of dedicated mobile apps.

While only a few large fleets get access to telematics, small fleets can gain from mobile-based services. In construction, there is a push to equip the trucks and fleets of construction equipment with telematics or ways to track them and collect data. Some solutions can be found in overall trucking apps.

The North American trucking apps ecosystem has the potential to become a $35.4 billion market by 2025. Those across the supply chain are set to benefit greatly due to these dedicated services at their fingertips.

The innovation of fleet optimization apps and driver utility apps are expected to bring efficiency, convenience, and visibility at various levels for all.

Construction will benefit from the tracking apps. Contractors can leverage them for better fleet optimization.

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