Smart Roofs Emerging

Some of the key factors that will influence the global roofing materials market are rapidly growing infrastructure demand due to migration of people from rural to urban areas and an improved standard of living, resulting in the need for building renovation projects.

The global roofing material market is anticipated to be valued at $142.88 billion by 2025.

Asia Pacific is expected to emerge, as the largest, as well as the fastest growing region. North America is slated to register the second highest growth rate.

Metal roofs are expected to emerge as the fastest growing product during the forecast period. Metal roofs are slated to gain ground with development of pre-engineered steel buildings for non-residential applications.

The tile roof segment is anticipated to emerge as the largest product segment, but is likely to register low growth rate as compared to asphalt shingles. Shingles, which are widely used in the North American market, have witnessed robust growth in developing regions due to ease of installation, high durability, and moderate price.

Roofing materials are an essential piece of the building puzzle. Every structure needs some form of a roof—and the growth of this market will benefit the industry as a whole.

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