Regulations Impacting the Building Materials Industry

There are major regulations impacting the building materials industry with implications for building material manufacturers. Recent insight by Research and Markets highlights the themes that are driving the development of environmentally sustainable and energy-efficient products. While regulations can been seen as hindering progress, these will create a greener jobsite and buildings, resulting in a cleaner environment.

The four key regulatory themes across all regions are: indoor air quality, fire and safety, energy efficiency, and carbon emissions. There are many variations in the impact of regulations across the key regions, including North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

There are building materials that have been primarily impacted by the evolving regulations. These include paints and coatings, engineered wood products, insulation systems, structural materials, glazing systems, and construction chemicals. These can be further classified into the following categories:

They highlight the impact of regulations on participants across the value chain, such as raw material suppliers, building material manufacturers, distribution channels, and end users. Technological and product advances facilitated by the enforcement of these regulations also impact the market.

As these materials contractors use are regulated, the industry will see a push for sustainability in all aspect of construction for a better future.


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