Ready-Mix on the Rise

Ready-mix concrete is manufactured in a factory or a plant and then delivered to the construction site through a truck equipped with transit mixers. The nonresidential sector creates a higher demand for the ready-mix cement, generating more than 64% of the overall market revenue, according to Technavio.

The increasing urbanization and rising disposable income, an increase in demand for concrete additives, and an increase in demand for concrete in APAC (Asia Pacific) are all adding to the market. The ongoing development both in terms of economy and infrastructure in countries such as Malaysia, India, Vietnam, China, and Qatar is positively impacting the demand for ready-made concrete mix, driving the market.

Ready-mix concrete provides reduced shrinkage, cracking tendencies, and volume change, leading to its increased adoption.

Ready-mix concrete with various additives improves acceleration or retardation of setting time, concrete quality, and manageability, and is in high demand due to the varied requirements of modern infrastructure development projects.

Concrete additives are also encouraging innovation in design while improving the strength, quality, appearance, and durability of the finished concrete.

The growing number of infrastructure projects such as dams, roads, bridges, and airport expansion work, especially in developing countries, such as India, China, Indonesia, and Vietnam, fuels the demand for ready-mix concrete. A government initiative to attract foreign companies to invest in establishing and developing industrial areas is expected to impact the demand for ready-mix concrete for the next few years.

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