Protecting Your Eyes on the Job

Introduction of regulations and derivatives concerning worker safety is one of the major drivers fueling growth of the global protective eyewear market. A rise in the number of accidents at workplaces is increasing the demand of personal protective equipment including protective eyewear. The safety of the workers has become mandatory across several sectors such as construction.

The overall market is mainly driven by the introduction of supportive government regulations and legislations. With this, the global protective eyewear market is projected to reach $2.79 billion by 2024. A broadening application area and availability of wide range of protective eyewear products is boosting growth of the market across the globe.

The factors driving the market include a focus on diversifying eyewear designs, making them more comfortable and safe.

Protective eyewear is a form of glasses/goggles designed for protecting human eyes from dust particulate, chemical, or any other hazardous substance. This eyewear is used across a wide array of applications including construction sites.

North America and Europe are the two largest markets and have strict legislation. For instance, per the latest derivatives issued by ANSI, the drop ball test has become mandatory for all protective eyewear products. Regulation introduced by Occupational Health and Safety Administration, is expected to increase the adoption.

Overall the market is highly fragmented with the presence of some large global manufacturers and numerous other local manufacturers in various regions in the world. The interest in diversifying the market will lead to more opportunities during the next few years.

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