Preventing Falls at Your Jobsite

Falls from heights continue to be the leading cause of death for construction employees, accounting for 364 fatalities recorded in 2015, according to the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics). To remind and educate employers in the construction industry about the dangers from falls and dropped tools, many companies are offering tips for how to improve safety.

Falls represent the leading cause of death for construction workers; there were 157,490 “struck by object or equipment” cases in 2015, according to the BLS. According to the BLS, there are an estimated 18 injuries caused by dropped objects every hour in the United States.

To combat this, 3M Fall Protection is emphasizing the need to incorporate fall protection tools in every fall protection plan to safely work at heights. This often depends on effective inspection of all fall protection equipment before and after use.

To help safety managers stay compliant with regulations, audit-ready, and data savvy on safety equipment inspections and training, 3M offers the 3M IAM (Inspection & Asset Management) System, a safety-focused and cloud-based software that is accessible both on and off the jobsite.

With the system, occupational health and safety managers can assign and manage PPE (personal protective equipment) and other equipment, record employee training information, automate notifications of recurring tasks, receive select compliance metrics in realtime, and manage the diverse safety needs of their entire operation.

This type of technology is valuable to contractors. By leveraging technology, contractors can get more assistance and stay safe on the jobsite.

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