Moving Your Company to the Cloud

Construction software companies are now transferring the archaic paper process for tracking extra work orders in the field into cloud-based applications.

As one example, San Francisco-based company, PeerAssist is helping move construction companies to the cloud. The new Field Work Order tool supports project management with a fast and easy way to accurately and efficiently track and charge for approved field changes.

PeerAssist has provided solutions to contractors to help them track their extra work and increase profits. This new cloud-based solution digitizes the whole process from electronic tag creation to generation of a request for change order.

Using cloud-based technologies, contractors can access their information from anywhere in real time, as soon as the work is requested, offering a huge advantage over traditional paper methods.

A need expressed by foremen, project engineers, and project managers currently using PeerAssist's suite fueled this newest development. Potential out of contract scope changes were being lost too easily when tracked in the field or not captured with tags at all. Days and sometimes weeks went by with changes remaining logged in a work order book, but the project team was often unaware of the scope of these changes. A cloud-based solution means every person working on the project can see the field work order at each step in the process. Group tracking means these important documents are less likely to get lost.

Construction management is an ever-changing, fast-paced industry. This one example of innovation for the jobsite that will help contractors create smarter jobsites.

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