IoT Solutions for Your Jobsite

Using telematics for fleet management is becoming more prevalent with contractors, as many are more often leveraging the IoT (Internet of Things). With this technology in place, contractors have realtime access to their data and don't have to worry about their legacy infrastructure.

A number of solutions providers are entering the market, looking to shakeup how business is one on the construction jobsite.

As one case, Propel GPS, a Virginia-based solution provider, offers an IoT/cloud-based platform for assets of all types, with vertical market applications in commercial vehicle fleet, transportation, utilities and construction equipment management.

The Propel GPS solution delivers asset and temperature monitoring, along-route virtual geographic boundaries and fleet tracking. The software supports full reporting capabilities by vehicle, fleet, driver or team, allowing for a reduction in cost and an increase in productivity.

The company is also developing key partnerships—which is an essential component that is needed to drive the IoT forward, and ensure it can be used effectively at the jobsite.

For example, Tech Data Corp. recently announced the expansion of its SmartForce IoT portfolio, offered by its Smart IoT Solutions practice, through a strategic partnership with Propel GPS.

The partnership between Tech Data and Propel creates an IoT solution customized for contractors. This example of a smart IoT solution is just one of the innovations that is becoming available for contractors to use on the jobsite.

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