Integrating Technology & Personal Safety Equipment

Personal safety equipment at the jobsite can vary from person to person. Size, style, and functionality are factors that a contractor takes into consideration when choosing what to use.

There are several market trends that are driving the growth of the market. There are developments in innovative materials and formulations. Manufacturers are integrating wireless and Bluetooth technologies within personal protective equipment. ResearchandMarkets shows the market will grow 7.5% in the next decade.

Also, the construction industry is driving the demand for industrial protective clothing for contractors, as there is a need for increased safety on the construction jobsite.

There are multiple product categories that encompass the global personal protective equipment market. For instance, there are head protection, eye and face protection, hearing protection, fall protection, respiratory protection, protective clothing, hand and arm protection, and protective footwear.

New technology and advances in equipment will clearly enhance safety glasses to clothing that can read your vitals which will play a greater role in the growth of the personal protective equipment market as well as improving conditions on the jobsite.

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