How to Grow with the AAC Market

The AAC (global autoclaved aerated concrete) market is driven by a number of factors. The increased emphasis on green buildings, the use of recycled material for AAC production, and the superior characteristics of AAC, in comparison to traditional building materials, are some of the more notable ones.

The global AAC market is poised to reach approximately $13.2 billion by 2025, and this building material will become a staple on a jobsite. Contractors that know about the market will be able to better serve their clients.

Growth is also being augmented by the emphasis on constructing sound proof buildings in developed countries. Additionally, the recent technological developments in AAC are expected to offer major growth opportunities.

This market faces certain drawbacks, primarily the high initial costs associated with using AAC, and the limited number of AAC manufacturing facilities in the United States, which have resulted in limited adoption of the product in North America.

Contractors that are aware of the rising popularity of AAC and the technological developments will be better able to serve clients that request this material.

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