Gain Versatility from Compact Cranes

While most cranes are traditionally perched high in the sky on top of newly constructed buildings or those being renovated, there is a need for more compact cranes down on earth—and these powerful pieces of equipment continue to advance with the help of technology.

As one example, Venco Venturo Industries has introduced the Venturo ESV1000 enclosed service van crane. This crane was designed to provide versatility to those industries that use enclosed service bodies as their primary work vehicle. The main boom telescopes out to 3 feet using a multiple pin-lock. This feature enables the crane to be set the desired height based on the door height of the enclosed service body, giving the operator the ability to maneuver the crane to operate in any size door-way with multiple load options for maximum productivity.

This is just one example of a mobile crane for the construction industry. There are many options available—and they all continue to evolve.

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