Electric Fleet Solutions for Your Jobsite

Pure electric is a legal requirement indoors. Outdoors, fuel savings and better performance attracts—and now vehicles are evolving, as both hybrid and electric are on the rise.

Electric vehicles for construction, mining, and agriculture will be a $30 billion market in 2025, which demonstrates more energy-efficient equipment will be coming to the jobsite in the future.

In mining, more than 90% of the world's mines are open cast. They are often in remote places where shipping diesel can cost more than buying it. In an all-electric solution, new pollution laws can be met, image can be improved, and money can be saved.

Also, new forms of vehicle design are coming. Super capacitors, new power components, greater modularization, and integration will transform this industry. Innovations in this market will help construction equipment in the future.

Construction equipment manufacturers are taking note of what has been done and are continuing to advance machines. Thus, contractors can take advantage of the changes that are coming to their equipment.

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