Digitize Your Jobsite

Collaboration is a key component in a jobsite running smoothly—and there are many ways to achieve this. Technology is one way to help streamline processes.

From construction equipment to mobile devices, technology is changing how business is done, and now the benefits of the tech in the office and at the jobsite are converging, as new technology is becoming available for field workers.

As one example, Unearth released its construction collaboration software, a platform that merges aerial and ground-level data to form a common operating picture for construction teams. The focus went to merging all construction data sources into a comprehensive snapshot of project status.

By organizing all digital information within a common platform, it creates a new frame of reference for every member of a construction team, as well as project stakeholders.

This is software platform is just one example of many that will give contractors a tool to become connected and more engaged with the project.

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