Data Center Construction Set to Grow

The general construction sector occupies a majority 43% of the global data center construction market. This sector encompasses the design and construction of a well-secured facility, in addition to installing the setup, flooring, internal frames, external walls, windows, doors, installation of infrastructure, and disposal fittings.

According to the latest market study by Technavio, the global data center construction market is projected to grow to $73.87 billion by 2021.

The growth of the market in the general construction segment is driven by security concerns among end-users, leading to an increase in investments made by data center owners in the installation of high-tech security infrastructures. The rise in modular data centers is another key driver of the market segment.

The electrical construction segment of the market is expected to be worth $20.9 billion by 2021, driven by several innovations and continual change in the design requirements for the development of green data centers. The effective planning and procurement of the proper electrical infrastructure streamlines the entire data center operation by achieving better uptime and reliability in operations.

Data center designs include mechanical components such as cooling solutions and racks. It also includes sprinklers, piping, belts, filters, water pipework installations, and lifts.

The growth of IoT (Internet of Things) is one of the primary drivers of the market growth. The fast gaining acceptance of connected devices and smart cities is generating a huge amount of data. To deal with this increased capacity of data, numerous industries are adopting IoT techniques.

As the need to store data increases, more centers will be constructed and will help the industry as a whole grow.



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