Compacting Equipment Evolves

Just about every construction jobsite has one. So it was no surprise to hear that a compactor, a machine or mechanism used to reduce the thickness of materials such as soil, aggregates, or concrete by filling the air voids present in the material, would be destined for some changes. According to a new report from Technavio, technology will be changing the face of compactors, which incidentally have become an essential piece of equipment on just about any construction project.

Technavio’ analysts forecast the global compaction equipment market to growing the next four years. A major market driver of the global compaction equipment market is the growth of transportation infrastructure. One noticeable trend for this market is the growth of the equipment rental business. A market challenge is that emission regulations impact the market, and keeping up with sustainability efforts slows growth.

At the same time, the equipment continues to advance, as manufacturers continue to deliver greater insights into how the machinery is operating, giving contractors a better tool for the construction jobsite.

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