Challenges & Opportunities for U.K. Construction Sector

Challenges facing the United Kingdom (U.K) construction sector include skills shortages and increasing material costs. These circumstances are driving innovation, as the industry adopts new technology and techniques to meet demand and minimize cost, alongside achieving sustainability targets.

Construction is seeing innovations and initiatives to drive change in the areas of pre-manufacture, information and technology, sustainability, and new construction methods. Pre-manufactured buildings, pods, and assemblies are also important contributors to new construction methods. The current challenges faced by construction are: output, sustainable design, managing costs, and skill shortages.

A year has passed since the U.K. government BIM level 2 mandate went into effect and the U.K. is seeing work being done in the area of BIM (building information modeling). Since the level 2 mandate, there is fear that Brexit could intensify the skills gap faced by the industry and further impact the rising costs of materials. This has caused the construction industry to change. With digital technology as an enabler there is an innovative approach in the areas of pre-manufacture, sustainability, and new construction methods.

BIM is a key enabler, with the potential to provide a link between design and technology-lead trends such as smart factories, the circular economy, and virtual supply chains.

As all this happens, contractors can leverage new techniques—and will be the example for other markets to follow.

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