Bridge Market Rises Up

The FRP (fiber reinforced plastic or polymers) materials bridge market will grow during the next four years. The increasing demand for FRP materials to enhance the strength and stiffness of structural parts of FRP bridges, such as decks, girders, and rebars, is driving the growth.

According to Research and Markets, FRP bridges are preferred over conventional material bridges made of steel, aluminum, and concrete, as they are light in weight and offer properties, such as increased strength and high resistance to corrosion. The FRP bridge market is projected to reach $72.5 million by 2021.

Among all applications, the deck segment accounted for the largest share of the FRP bridge market in 2016, in terms of value.

The demand for an FRP bridge is attributed to the properties offered by them, which include resistance to corrosion against de-icing salts, high strength to weight ratio, and tensile strength. FRP materials provide high corrosion resistance, high strength to weight ratio, and good tensile strength. These have boosted the growth of FRP materials market in the deck application segment.

The North America FRP bridge market is witnessing significant growth. The increasing demand for high corrosion resistance, lightweight, and high strength materials is driving the growth of the FRP bridge market in this region. Government support and the help of construction agencies, such as the Federal Highway Administration, are also factors driving the growth of the FRP bridge market in this region.

As the demand for sustainability rises, the FRP bridge market will become very important to the construction industry, as a benchmark for long lasting solutions.


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