Water Utilities in Need of Repair

The urgent need for repairs to the massive, century-old water and wastewater networks in North America is drawing huge investments to distribution and collection networks. Climate changes, water availability, and extreme weather are exacerbating the need for network upgrades and renewals, compelling water utilities to reassess their investment plans in line with changing conditions and dwindling budgets. The need for repairs will fuel construction work.

Although this opens big revenue streams, it will necessitate collaborations among design and engineering firms so they can develop new, complex solutions. Water utilities are keen on unique solutions that can make their networks more resilient in the future.

Infrastructure renewal is often complicated due to the population and infrastructure density in urban regions. Investments have to go toward existing infrastructure to lengthen lifespan and delay full replacement and refurbishment. The improvements must result in lower operational costs and higher revenue.

Smart solutions and data analytics’ potential to interrupt the water and wastewater network market by optimizing operations and efficiency point to the large market for software and novel technologies.

Trenchless technologies are replacing traditional pipeline repair techniques due to their lower costs and minimal physical disruption during operation. As water utilities are challenged to ensure sustainable services, both in drinking water provision and wastewater collection, they need to make smart decisions according to priority.

Contractors will need to play a role in helping build these smarter and more high-tech water and wastewater networks.

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