Verifying Employee Credentials

Employers need to verify that workers are doing only jobs they’re trained for—and now new verification wristbands can help.

Using a badge can be inconvenient or unfeasible at certain worksites. On jobs sometimes it's not safe to have a lanyard around your neck or a card dangling from your belt. It also can be inconvenient to fish a card out of your wallet.

To solve these challenges, Credential Verification Service created wristbands, stamped with a unique QR code. When the wristband is scanned with a smartphone or tablet, the employee’s training records are displayed on the device. CVS teamed up with a manufacturer of silicone wristbands to offer this product.

This is one example of new technology being used on the jobsite to confirm credentials. In general, a construction supervisor may need to check on employees as they go from job to job. Scanning a wristband makes verification easy and fast.

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