Survey Shows Support for Infrastructure Investment

A new survey of infrastructure executives by CG/LA Infrastructure showed support for long-term infrastructure investment, highlighting key issues of vision, public leadership, and a project-focused approach to the success of a long-term investment initiative.

The nationwide survey was conducted by CG/LA Infrastructure as part of the Blueprint 2025 initiative and polled a cross-section of the industry including executives from the E&C (engineering and construction), technology, finance sector, and the public sector.

The results show that 96 percent of the private sector believes a vision for infrastructure is important, with 94 percent suggesting a strategic project focus is important.

Interestingly, 91 percent of private sector respondents believe that investment in the right projects will contribute to economic growth, while only 68 percent of the public sector believe this to be true.

The survey showed tremendous support for infrastructure investment. This kind of a 'man on the moon' initiative requires very high-level consensus. The overall positive support for new infrastructure provides an optimistic outlook on the construction market.

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