Solar PV Glass Helps Meet Clean Energy Regulations

Stringent government norms toward reduction of carbon footprints by installation of clean-energy sources will stimulate the solar photovoltaic (PV) glass market size. The U.K. Government has set a target to replace all the conventional fired power stations with clean systems by 2025. Germany’s Climate Change Act 2008 has a target to curb carbon footprints by 40% from 1990 level by 2020.

The industry trends report Solar PV Glass Market shows the solar PV glass marketshare is slated to surpass $3 billion by 2024.

Increasing funding to explore PV potential across developing regions will foster the solar PV glass market. International Solar Association, announced global funding of about $300 billion to support sustainable energy in next 10 years. Softbank announced funding of about $100 billion under its Vision Fund program toward solar installations across India.

Government initiatives towards sustainable energy integration coupled with growing measures toward energy conservation will augment the U.S. solar PV glass market. In 2016, the U.S. government revised its SunShot initiative plans with an aim to achieve cost targets of about 0.05 /Kwh and 0.04/ Kwh for residential and commercial photovoltaic applications.

Ongoing government initiatives to expand rooftop installations along with stringent norms pertaining to reduction of greenhouse gas emissions will drive growth. In 2016, the government of Netherland revised its renewable integration targets to 14% by 2020. The government further extended its solar tax scheme in compliance to EU's climate action plan.

The annealed solar PV glass market will witness sturdy growth due to its cost competitiveness, and ease of manufacturing. Product flexibility subject to heat strengthening, ease of polishing, and machining and easy cutting will further complement demand outlook.

Crystalline silicon solar PV glass market is set to exceed 5-million-metric tons by 2024. High operational efficiencies and increasing research and development investments will further stimulate the business landscape.

The push for sustainability and renewable energy will drive the market. Contractors who embrace the trend will have an upper hand in the market.

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